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[Unpublished publication, hardcover, 21 x 27 cm, with texts by Florian Süssmayr and Fritz Göttler]

Hans Schifferle, 1957 to 2021, film critic (e.g. for the SZ feuilleton) and notorious collector.

Florian Süssmayr : "A few days after Hans Schifferle's funeral, I was with Dolly Kuhn from the workshop cinema at his house in Munich. We wanted to pick up something from his wife Gudrun, films, a Super-8 projector. What then awaited us after his death in the terraced house, was a multiple of the situation at the time. Impossible to imagine how one could live there. Not a square centimeter of space, not even in the kitchen. (...) It's amazing how people set up their living space and how dominant it is affects her life.

It was clear that this collection had to be documented and preserved. Ideally, everything in the house would have stayed the way it was. Visitors could have been admitted individually to this installation. But of course reality speaks a different language. This is how Barbara came into play, who in her artistic work deals with the intrinsic time of places and their aesthetic experience. She photographically implemented this project with her confident and clear imagery." 

Fritz Goettler:"Heaps of books and magazines, DVDs and video cassettes, daringly stacked on top of each other, there is no apparent order at first glance. Director biographies, star glamor volumes, catalogs of festivals from all over the world, university studies with typewritten copies for the printer, esoteric. The value is in the hundreds of thousands. (...) 

Between books and films, everything that is dismissed as knick-knacks and kitsch, porcelain figurines, girls and animals, delicate and erotic, or toy cars for boys, magazines and yearbooks on film and motorcycles, posters, lots of magazines and newspaper clippings and boxes full of motorcycle spare parts . All collected with the same seriousness, no niche culture. A wealth of uselessness, absurdity, anarchy, wrested from common concepts of value. The crowded and stacked crowd means shielding, a bulwark of the material against the invisible, cloudy diffuseness of the new digital media. Collectors, Balzac says, are the most passionate people in the world."

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