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Barbara Trommeter Kunst Künstlerin

Barbara Trommer

Born in 1981 near Munich, Germany

2001-2007 studied conceptual art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, class of Prof. Res Ingold

Lives and works in Genoa (Italy) 

"My artistic work spans a wide range from sculptural and installation works to drawing, printing and photography. What all works have in common is the creation of their own worlds and metaphors: places, rooms and beings are alienated, reinterpreted, ambiguous, hyperreal. They question the viewer’s “certainties”. The key and access to these worlds lies in the viewer‘s own consciousness."

Models of intense perception of time 

[Dr. Till Julian Huss, published in "Trommeter-Szabó 2004-2015", adapted/abridged excerpt]

Things have their own time, an aesthetic inherent time. (...) If every thing possesses its own measure of time as inherent, then a special inherent time may correspond to a certain place in the specific relation of its compounds, of the objects assembled and particularly all the events that have taken place there.

Barbara Trommeter works on the unveiling of these inherent times of places – in their aesthetic tangibility. (...)


The image we have created of an object or of a place and which we can recall in our mind’s eye as memory, does never originate from one single glance. (...) Our perception and our memory work differently. Our memory of the appearance of an object is simultaneistic: It comes from a variety of particular impressions, so called Momentaufnahmen (snap shots). Only by combination, by the overlay of all these impressions our Erinnerungsbild (image as memory) is formed. Nevertheless, this abundance of particular impressions is only possible through an aesthetic perception, says philosopher Martin Seel. (...)


That is, because only in the dialectics of hyperreal virtuality and artificial reality it is up to the beholder to assure themselves of their relation to reality"If you give someone hyper-reality, then they have more of a perspective on what's really real," says artist Janet Cardiff.  (...) It seems to be absurd that we need an elevated reproduction of reality before we get closer to an intense experience of the real. (...)

(...) [Barbara Trommeter] very emphatically points out how at the interface of perception, time and memory our access to reality may be experienced in a mediative world.





2015 Catalog funding from the Bavarian State Ministry (debutants)

2014+2015 Catalog promotion of the LfA Förderbank

2014/17 Studio grant from the LH Munich

2013 nominated for the LH Munich sponsorship award in the field of: photography

2011/12 Studio grant from the Bavarian State Ministry

2011 Residency & project funding of Burgenl. State government & Enercon

2010/11 Studio grant from the LH Munich

2011 Promotion "The first years of professionalism" BBK Munich

2010 SZ Tassilo Prize (LanDistrict of Dachau)

2009+2010 Hasselblad Masters Finalists, 10 best worldwide

Exhibition selection


2022 Pictures for Filmssolo exhibition, Dankeskirche, Munich

2021 ALIEN POLKA,  Dachau Castle (Archive)
2020 Lady feline presents: Future Ghosts, solo exhibitionGallery of the KVD, Dachau   (Press SZ)  
(youtube)  (television)

2016 Into the Blue - Floating Landscapes, art in architecture, Sparkasse Dachau   (Press SZ)    (Press SZ)

2015 Transmission, solo exhibition, Gallery of the KVD, Dachau   (Press SZ)    (Press SZ)

2014 TwinTownArt I, Alpen Adria Gallery, Klagenfurt (Austria)  (pdf catalogue)

2014 Tag80, Goethe Institute, Munich

2014 Kaltes klares Wasser, Hartmannsberg Castle, Bad Endorf

2012 Schablone, Gallery of Kunstverein Warendorf

2012 Olympia & Kunst München 1972-2012, TAG (Temporary Art Gallery), Patron: Dr. Hans Jochen Vogel(Archive)

2011 Transit I, Artfinger Gallery, Hong Kong (China)

2011 The first years of professionalism, BBK Gallery, Munich

2010 Hasselblad Masters, Congreso de fotografia, Bogota (Colombia), Photokina Cologne, LaVenue NY (USA)

2009 Exposures, DASK Gallery Copenhagen (Denmark)

2009 Gravity, MILK Gallery NY (USA)

2009 Hasselblad Masters, C-House Hong Kong (China), Milk Gallery NY (USA), Dask Gallery Copenhagen (Denmark)

Represented in the collections


2017 District Office Dachau 

2016 Collection SpallArt for Photography (Austria)

2015/16 Sparkasse Dachau (art in construction)   (Press SZ)    (Press SZ)

2015 District Office Dachau 


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Drawings 2020-2023

Poster book, 40 pages, unbound

Publisher: Great Mistake Productions

Format 30 x 42 cm

Trommeter Szabo Retrospektive Künstler Buch 2004 2015

Trommeter Szabó 2004-2015

Retrospective, photography and installation art.

The book "Trommeter-Szabó 2004-2015" gives an overviewck about the artistic work of the former Munich artist duo Trommeter-Szabó (Barbara Trommeter & Georg Szabó) from this period. workn from the fields of photography (new German photography) and spatial installation, plus work index.


Edition: 500 pieces, foreword: Till Julian Huss "Models of intensive time perception", German & English

Hardcover : 168 pages

ISBN-10: 3000508368

ISBN-13: 978-3000508363

Publisher : Trommeter-Szabo;
1st edition (2015)

Barbara Trommeter Kunst Künstlerin

Polaroid I

Polaroid I

First edition 2021, new edition 2022

Polaroid photographs 2018-2021

Format 21 x 21 cm, hard cover

Cuxhaven Saipan Fotografie Trommeter Szabo Buch

Cuxhaven Saipan

The book "Cuxhaven-Saipan" shows photographs from the photo series of the same name. The series Cuxhaven and Saipan is a photographic analysis of the factors "time" and "reality" in photography.


Edition. 400 pieces, hardcover, foreword: Dr. Irene Mertens "Thoughts on temporality and reality in Trommeter-Szabó's photographs."

Format 21 x 21 cm

ISBN 978-3-00-047073-8

Barbara Trommeter Kunst Künstlerin

Lady Feline presents:
Future Ghosts

Drawings 2018-2020

Published as part of the 2020 solo exhibition of the same name. 

Format DinA5 soft cover

Barbara Trommeter Kunst Künstlerin


The photographic series Bochum shows in 80 images a conceptual collection of details of a private apartment in Bochum, inhabited since the 1960s. The concept of consciously made photographic decisions and also selected excerpts follows a strict shooting rule: "top, middle, bottom". In its entirety, the work "Bochum" is a study of the functioning of perception, memory and the visualization of these processes through the medium of photography." (Dr. Anne Friedland)


Limited Edition Fine Art Photo Book: 6/100 (May 2016) Collector´s Edition: Gicleé Fine Art Print on 250g fomanu selection™, signed and numbered. The book has a foreword by Dr. phil. Anne Friedland. Format : 30 x 40 cm

ISBN: 978-3-00-053072-2

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