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[Wool, Cloth, Rhinestone, PVC; 90 cm + 20 cm + ø 45 cm, Edition 5+1AP (2012); 4 Uniques (2006)]

Crocheted king poodles sitting on a vibrating inflatable pink sex toy; The poodle (Puddelhund (Old German) - puddle dog) was bred for adaptability; For this reason, and because of its thick, waterproof fur, it served as a retriever when hunting ducks. As a hunting dog, he has always been the dog of wealthy owners, only towards the end of the 18th century did he also become a pure fashion dog, even becoming an "accessory".

01 Kopie.jpg

Oh Sailorman, 2012, AP


Oh Sailorman, 4 unique pieces

Exhibition view "POMP", Kunstverein Ingolstadt 2006

01 © Walter Steinbach .jpg

Oh Sailorman

Exhibition view "Schablone", Kunstverein Warendorf 2012

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