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[2-stage competition (design, realization); Competition entry/design: Large images for the gallery of the Sparkasse Dachau head office (photograph behind glass) and three-dimensional design proposal   for a   skylight octagon (monolith fountain)]

Excerpt from the application dossier:

The design concept is based on the consideration: "What is our greatest asset? What capital

shall we give to our children?" The greatest wealth of men and theirs

The future lies in the integrity of nature - the environment in which we live. An intact ecosystem, biodiversity, clean air and clean water are priceless. "New Perspectives" is a photographic and installation-based overall concept with the aim of creating a relaxing, room-opening atmosphere, along with the transport of the ideal values of the company.

The monolith fountain is intended to inspire employees in everyday life through the refreshing elements "light" and "water" and through the lively veined rock and create a pleasant ambience for visitors. Inspired by the contemplative mood of Japanese Zen gardens, the unhewn rock appears in its natural beauty. Nature itself created this work of art.

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