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[Sculptures, mixed media]

"I am convinced that “awareness” for environmental problems through art is not only achieved through the mere 1/1 depiction of untouched landscapes or, on the contrary, environmental pollution, the use of natural materials or, on the contrary, waste material. Awareness is not a process that only takes place on the “surface”. It is a deeper form of perception, at best a rethinking. Despite the differences between people, there are common denominators: For example, a collective memory of media images, along with triggers that recall them in the mind‘s eye.


This is where my sculptures/reliefs come into play. They are “cut out” sections of the environment, but not real landscapes in the sense that they depict a specific location or event. They have no scale and are deserted. As “metaphors,” they only become animated and “real” through the specific memory of the viewer. They are reminiscent of media images of environmental disasters and the consequences of industrial contamination: viscous, black, shimmering oil slicks, shimmering pools of gasoline, brightly colored acid wastewater from the mining industry, foamy neon-colored wastewater from the paint and textile industries, toxic-glittering crystallizations, milky cloudy lakes of feces, melting iceberg remnants and algae plague in dumped waters. 


The attractively smooth surface of the glass-like resin, the bright colors and the contrast to concrete impress on an aesthetically abstract level that you can definitely linger on. The artificial-hyperral aesthetic triggers memories of something similar. Images emerge and gnaw at the innocent look, making repression conscious. A silent exclamation mark, not a screaming protest. A piece of landscape that you can take home with you, but also a reminder that a planet that is worth living in or even capable of living in is not a given."



Landschaft #01 (Icebergs), 2023; epoxy resin, Styrodur; 8x19x19 cm


Landschaft #03 (Water), 2023; Epoxi resin, concrete; 9x20x20 cm

IMG_5145 Kopie.jpg

Landschaft #05 (Mountains), 2023; Epoxi resin, plaster, concrete; 18x20x20cm


Landschaft #17 (Water), 2023; Epoxi resin, concrete; 4,5x22,5x14,5cm


Landschaft #23 (Water), 2023; Epoxi resin, Obsidian; 25x3,5x15 cm


Landschaft #09 (Buildings), 2023; Full concrete, ceramic tiles; 36x20x27 cm, 22kg


Landschaft #02 (Buildings), 2023; epoxy resin, reinforced concrete; 10x20x20 cm

IMG_5111 Kopie.jpg

Landschaft #04 (Mountains), 2023; Polished concrete, epoxi resin, 16x20x20 cm 


Landschaft #21 (Water), 2023; Epoxi resin, filling material; 25x30 cm


Landschaft #16 (Buildings), 2023; Epoxi resin, ceramic tiles, concrete; 20x18x20 cm


Landschaft #20 (Water), 2023; Epoxi resin, concrete; 25x30 cm


Landschaft #18 (Water), 2023; Epoxi resin, concrete; 6x22,5x14,5 cm

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