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[Photographs,120x150 cm 7+1AP, Fujiflex Crystal Archive, Diasec; 400x320 cm 5+1AP, Dekopolsol, aluminum frame; Special version: no. 03, 07, 11: CMYK print, PVC, eyelets, 2012; 337 x 181 cm, unique pieces]

An apparition or mythological guardian figure between the worlds. Recorded in everyday places, it marks the boundary between this world and the afterlife, before and after, the reality of three-dimensional space and the pictorial space that exists in parallel. The viewer becomes the observed.

Shining No.01, 2005.jpg

Shining No.01, 2005;

Shining No.11, 2008.jpg

Shining No.11, 2008;

Shining No.04, 2006.jpg

Shining No. 03, 2006;

Shining No.10, 2007.jpg

Shining No. 10, 2007;

Shining No.07, 2007.jpg

Shining No.07, 2007;

Shining No.02, 2005.jpg

Shining No. 02, 2005;

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