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[2-stage competition (design, realization); 2 sculptures for the foyer of the Sparkasse Dachau head office; Material: birch multiplex, epoxy resin; Size: 170 x 90 x 75 cm each; Weight: 515 kg each; A total of 1.7 tons of multiplex panels were moved/processed. Both sculptures consist of c.a. 800 individual parts]

Into the Blue is the thought game of allowing the glacier-shaped topography of Dachau/the district to sink back into a primeval ocean as an abstraction. The sculptures are to lie at anchor in the foyer like "landscape ships" and complement this with the element "water" in fresh colours. The work is intended to symbolize identification with the region and with the mission statements of Sparkasse Dachau (e.g. environmental protection) for customers and employees alike. 

Excerpt from "Landscape Ships", Robert Stocker, Süddeutsche Zeitung Dachau:

"This is what the primeval landscape of the Dachau region would have looked like if people could have seen it from above millions of years ago. A topography shaped by glaciers with floor plates of different heights, with the river valleys of the Glonn and Amper in between. The gallery in the main office of the Sparkasse Dachau makes this bird's eye view possible. The two modeled landscapes from the Ice Age appear particularly three-dimensional from a distance. They shimmer in shades of blue and green, submerged in a primeval ocean. Hills, valleys and rivers that today belong to the district and city of Dachau. The two sculptures with the title "Into the Blue - Floating Landscapes” now enrich the counter hall of the main office. (...) The jury with Professor Maria Auböck, Professor Magdalena Jetelova, Wilhelm Warning, the Chairman of the Sparkasse, Hermann Krenn and Board Member Thomas Schmid chose the winner from among the designs."

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