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[Series of 80 photographs; Fujiflex CA, Diasec, 100 x 80 cm. 10+1AP; Giclee fine art print on Mitsubishi HiTec SM, 100 x 70 cm, 5+1 AP; Gicleé Fine Art Print on Barite Satin, 48.5 x 33 cm, 5+1 AP. Light box edition: Gicleé fine art print on backlit foil, wood, acrylic glass, LED, 23 x 28 x 15 cm, 5+1AP]

In 80 images, the photographic series shows a conceptual collection of details of a private apartment in Bochum, inhabited since the 1960s. 

Bochum examines how people perceive space and how memory works. A concept of photographic choices. Below. Center. Above.

excerpt from "Models of intensive time perception" by Dr.Till Julian Huss, in "Trommeter-Szabó 2004-2015:

"The example of Bochum, a series of photographs of a Bochum apartment, makes it clear that they carefully study our way of perceiving and remembering places and then dissect them in the photographic implementation: the image that we have of an object or a place

and that we can let appear as a memory in front of our "inner eye" is never possible

for a single look back.

The souvenir photo as a technically recorded view of a place or an event comes accordingly

never to coincide with one's own mental memory image. Our perception and memory work differently.

Our memory of the appearance of an object is simultaneousistic: it goes back to a wealth of individual impressions, so-called snapshots. Only through the connection, through the

Overlaying all these impressions creates our memory image.


Bochum No.02, 2009;


Bochum No.14, 2009


Bochum No.31, 2009


Bochum No.58, 2009


Bochum No.40, 2009


Bochum No.70, 2009


Bochum No.16, 2009


Bochum No.11, 2009


Bochum No.52, 2009


Bochum No.60, 2009


Bochum No.62, 2009


Bochum No.76, 2009

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