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[Competition design: wall design for the district administrator's office, Dachau district office;
Digital collage/overdrawing based on a photograph, Fujiflex Christal Archive, glass, aluminum; 300x140cm; The work was purchased in a reduced size of 120 x 60 cm.

"Sonnentau und Lilie" (Sundew and Lily) works with the difference between seeing and remembering, between archetype and copy, between sign and signified. The individual picture elements come together in a multi-layered, colorful pop art collage to form a complete work. The basis is a panorama photograph of the Tertiary hilly landscape near Altomünster, which is so typical for the district of Dachau. The (digital) collage, implemented as a large image, creates a three-dimensional image space, a "window into the district of Dachau". But also a simultaneity of the past (tradition), present and future (innovation).

Trommeter Kunst Collage Sonnentau Lilie
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